Artworks and Artists (in alphabetical order)

(for full size, please double click image)


Egai Fernandez on Atty. Ipat Luna

Forest Lives Forever/acrylic on canvas/4ft x 4ft/2010


Efren Garcellano on Evelyn Cacha

All works in this suite: Colored Pencil on Art Paper/378 x 539 cm./2010

From left to right: Eves, Haze, Lola Sonia, Sonia

Hanger Series


Renato Habulan on Sr. Luz Emmanuel

Liwanag Sa Dilim series/Oil on canvas/10×12 inches @/2010

Ugat ng Buhay/Oil on canvas/10×12 inches @/2010


Rico Palacio on Dean Margarita dela Cruz

Buhay/4ftx4ft/mixed media/2010


Mario de Rivera on Lydia Robledo

Month of March II; End of Summer II/oil on canvas/24 x 24 inches@/2010


Mark Salvatus on Mrs. Luz Sabas

Zero/installation of photos of trash from artist’s bag, table stopper/2010


Jojit Solano on Dr. Dea Millora

Out of the Black/ acrylic on canvas/2010; Acid Rain/acrylic on canvas/2010


PG Zoluaga on Dr. Jurgenne Primavera

Pasiplat sa Bakhawan/oil on canvas/4ftx3ft/2010


Lena Cobangbang on Gonzalo Catan

“Kingdom Come”/Mixed Media/Installation/2011

Marika Constantino on Metodio Palaypay

“Lost and Found”/Installation/Mixed Media/2011

Marina Cruz on Fr. Alfredo Albor

“Underneath the Background”/Oil on canvas/48” x 36’/2011

Nene Lungay on Lutgardo Labad

“Untitled”/24” x 36”/2011

Goldie Poblador on Chief Romeo Magsalos

“Collected Specimen in the Marikina Area”/Installation/Mixed media/2011

Jeannie Tan on Andy Orencio

“Andy”/Oil on canvas/28” x 30”/2011

Josie Tionko on Warlito Laquihon

“Mt. Carmel, A Mystical Experience”/Oil on canvas/3ft x 4 ft./2011

Pam Yan-Santos on Jaime Galvez Tan

“Herbalaryo”/Oil on canvas/24” x 30”/with installation/2011


3 Responses to Artworks

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  2. Elsie Junio-Floresca says:

    Thanks to Ms. Jose Tionko for the beautiful painting “Mt. Carmel, A Mystical Experience” which evoked a deeper meaning on environment and how people can do so much to help keep our planet green; many thanks to Dr. Warlito Laquihon (the farmer in the painting) for his Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT).

  3. Jay I. Jacob says:

    I wish to get in touch with Mr. Renato Habulan about his work – “Taga Paglikha”. Is it possible that you give me his email address or contact no. pls? Thank you

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