8 Filipina 2011 honors male environmentalists


Last year, 8 Filipina environmentalists were honored by 8 male artists. This year, it’s the other way around. 8 Filipina artists will honor 8 male artists. The exhibit will also be dedicated to Jose Rizal, the unheralded environmentalists, whose 150th year of birth we celebrate this year; and the late botanist Leonard Co, who was killed in alleged crossfire between rebels and military last year.

The pairs and their researchers/writers are:

Lena Cobanbang (extreme right), with Norma Liongoren and Mr. Catan (fourth from right). The other photos are of Lena’s past works, which she will put together for her installation on Catan’s work.

1. Lena Cobangbang/Mr. Gonzalo Catan with Jacqueline Ali as student researcher/writer

Elements from Marika Constantino’s installation, made out of recycled materials from a community Dr. Palaypay is working with.

2. Marika Constantino/Dr. Metodio Palaypay, Meg Fontanilla

Underneath the Background by Marina Cruz; Fr. Albor with one of the members of the Sta. Monica Parish; Fr. Albor in one of his lectures at the Sta. Monica Parish

3. Marina Cruz/Fr. Alfredo Albor, Christina Pangan

Gardy Labad at work in Bohol; Mrs. Lungay and her portrayal of Gardy’s work

4. Nene Lungay/Mr. Lutgardo Labad, Prof. Flaudette May Datuin

What Goldie plans to do

5. Goldie Poblador/Col. Romeo Magsailos, Aliana Gimena

Andy Orencio at work in his garden, Jeannie Tan with researcher Lori Pama, 3rd Prize winner of Essay Writing Contest 2010; and Jeannie’s unfinished work on Andy

6. Jeannie Tan/Mr. Andy Orencio, Lori Pama

7. Josie Tionko/Dr. Warlito Laquihon, Malen Dulay

Pam Yan-Santos’ Herbolaryo, work in progress

8. Pam Yan-Santos/Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, Hemerson Dimacale

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