Walong Filipina 2010 at CCP October 14 – November 28, 2010

Walong Filipina Contest Winners:

Karen Flores, Loreli Pama, Melanie Joy Gunio, Ma. Christina Pangan, Edward Cabagnot, Egai Fernandez and Renato Habulan

First Prize: Ma. Christina Pangan, a 3rd year Malikhaing Pagsulat student at the University of the Philippines Diliman, for the essay “The Window Cleaner.”

Second Prize: Melanie Joy Gunio, 3rd Year AB English Studies, UP Diliman, for her essay “Hearing The Unheard.”

Third Prize: Loreli Pama, 3rd Year AB Art Studies, UP Diliman, for her essay “Numbed Souls and Environmental Distress.”

For details:



Background, history, concept: https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/about/

the Honorees at a glance: https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/the-eight-filipina-environmentalists/

Artworks and Artists: https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/photo-gallery-2/

Exhibit Notes by researchers: https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/articles/

Feature essays by researchers https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/features/

news releases, published articles: https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/press/

opening reception photos: https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/opening/

updates: https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/updates/

Essay Writing Contest

for guidelines: https://walongfilipina.wordpress.com/essay-writing-contest-2010/


For essay writing contest entry forms: http://culturalcenter.gov.ph/UserFiles/ccp//forms/ENTRY%20FORM%20Walong%20Filipina%20Essay%20Contest.pdf

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